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CVP 4.0.1 Sr1All my media files are in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\en-us\app location.On Studio - Project Properties - Audio Settings - Def Audio PAth URI - I specify the path as: question is there a way to provide two locations ...

Resolved! UCCX Upgrade Query

Hello,I need some assistance while upgrading the UCCX 8.5.1 to 8.5.1 SU41. What should I upgrade first Master or Slave ?2. While upgrading a node should I switch the version of the server and then move to the other node OR swtich version should be do...

Hi, I am customizing aa.aef script for dial by name option in uccx 9.0. When we select dial by name option in aa.aef script and enter the wrong name to dial, script prompt that “ the name you have entered we can not find please press * for operator a...

Hello,Just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this issue.                     Issue described by user,9:45 am, I answered a call but then heard another agent answer. The man could hear both of us. I put it on mute cause i didnt know if i hung u...

Ayaz Khan by Beginner
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Can someone help me out?I'm working on a script that calls out for caller to enter a customer number.  If this customer number falls between a certain range, caller is transferred to a particular CSQ.How do I create an IF statement to contain a numbe...

In my environment we are having 2 different instances of ICM.With separate Central Controllers , ACD/VR PGs and other Servers.As we are opening a center at a new site for both instances , we are considering to have One ACD PG with 2 instances running...

i have a question that how to backup config , awdb or logger?i backup awdb in AW,and i restore it to the awdb but the logger not sync it..... and i Initialize Local Database in AW the config restore is remove.... whether i should buckup logger???

bo liu by Enthusiast
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