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Hi there, Is there a possibility of changing the timer in which a chat comes in through Cisco FInesse/Social Miner? I have a customer who recently was cutover to Cisco Finesse 12.5 and they would like more time for an agent to accept a chat? Is this ...

Hey Guys, I have a few call studio apps where we make a subdialog http call to an external vxml application. All works good in an ideal scenario. However, in odd-ball scenarios where caller hangs up mid way and didn't give the VXML app time to proces...

What is the difference between the following similiarCallDispositions:  28          'Blind Transfer'  30          'Conferenced'  31  'Duplicate Transfer' and Peripheral Call Types:                4  'Blind Transfer'                12  'Consult'      ...

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Is there an abandoned call timer in CCX that would allow me to only report on calls abandoned after 11 seconds?We are getting a lot of abandoned calls equal to or less than 11 seconds. We would like to mark those as short (abandoned) calls so that th...