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Hi All,I'm working through a requirement where I need to initiate and potentially pause a recording in MediaSense in a UCCE/Finesse environment.I understand that the Sample Call Recording gadget is UCCX only and that the UCCE Dialog doesn't support t...

Hi all,i would like to do a custom reporting on CUIC  and extract the information about the chat contact.In order to do this, i saw that there is the TextCustomerDetails table on UCCX where this information is located.The problem is that actually the...

Hi All,Please let me know when will Finesse officially support Single Sign On.  I need to integrated with Cisco IT's ping federate so that agents can login to Finesse using CEC accounts.regards,Akshay

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Hi,We need to determine the party (agent or customer) releasing the call. Although CallConnectionClearedEvent ReleasingDeviceID field seems like providing this information, we observe that regardless of the actual releasing party, we receive 2 consec...

The Majority of Reservation Preview calls  (CallType 27) contain the Call Data in the BEGIN_CALL_EVENT.But a small percentage of these calls contain no Call data in the CALL_CREATED / Begin Call Event.We have to process and wait for a number of Call_...

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