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I am aware of the realtime stats API (http://uccxserver:9080/realtime/schema).  My question about the API is more around documentation (lack of) and support.   Should we feel safe using this API, or, since it is not documented, is Cisco going to make...

johnirey1 by Level 1
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Hello,  I know 3 years back this was a huge feature request - does anyone know if there is a way through the API to know if there are any available agents to chat with in the call center? We want to disable the chat button if there are no agents logg...

Hello All, I have problem pinging VLAN's defined on master switch which is VTP master. On switch itself, I can ping VLAN gateways, but on two connected switches, I can't. Switches are connected through 1Gb SFP, ports are trunked on all 3, all VLAN's ...

Muzzy011 by Level 1
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I have a UCCE 11.6 lab system where I'd like to find the low-level real-time data on queued calls.   I'm not sure if I'm looking for an API or a Database. Do you know which Cisco doc talks about this?   I had heard that there's an Informix database I...

Quigath by Spotlight
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Dears, I would like to ask about the feasibility of the integration between Cisco SocialMiner (Chat) and Third-party CRM systems in order to have a screen pop-up when a chat is assigned to an agent. The pop-up is to display customer information retri...

ln33147 by Level 4
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