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sip options ping cucm

Hi - I have a strange problem and I'm looking for ideas.  I have a version 9.1.2 CUCM cluster with two nodes.  I am setting up two SIP trunks to our CUSP and in CUSP I have configured the CAC to send an Options ping to each CM server.  The subscriber...

Les Pruden by Enthusiast
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Can IOS CUBE Gateway be configured to send RTP in response to 180 or 183 early media?

Hi, We have a scenario where the ITSP only sends RTP after first receiving RTP from the customer gateway.   They do this to work around any firewall or NAT issues.   This causes a problem on outbound calls when the far end tries to use early media ei...

TONY SMITH by Collaborator
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Busy tone after 30 Seconds

Hi Cisco Support Community, we have a call from a remote destination (mobile phone - ive replaced by 160xxxxxxx as a DN to anonymize) of an internal DN, to an internal DN (ive repolaced by 99xxxx as a Dn to anonymize). The DN 99xxxx is busy and th...

IP phone reboot

Hello, can someone confirm for me.   When rebooting 7942 or 8851 Cisco IP phones powered by PoE switch. The computer connected to the handset doesn't lose network connectivity?   The obvious answer the computer loses network connectivity. Because the...

Mthompson by Beginner
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Resolved! Caller Input Logs

Is there a way to tell what buttons a caller pushed after the call has connected to the UCCX system?  We have a call center, and we transfer people to a 3rd party via pressing number 2.  Is there a way to see if someone is pressing the right buttons ...

Block Incoming Calls MGCP

I have found many documents demostrating how to do this: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/11283866/blocking-calls-cucmhttps://supportforums.cisco.com/document/77241/technotes-how-block-incoming-calls-cucm-8x-based-ani-mgcp-gateway https://s...

Esto by Beginner
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