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Hi, I've got a question about Sip Trunk between Cube and Cucm. Trunk Design : SIP Trunks : CUCM <-> CUBE <-> Provider SBC for Incoming/outgoing calls CUCM / PCCE <-> CUBE  for Pcce part Server Design :  - 1 cucm Pub / 2 cucm Sub  - 2 CUBEs in HSRP...

rplantard by Beginner
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Hello, I get the message that a couple of self-signed certificates will expire in the near future. Is there a way I can find out which of these certificates are sitll in use? Years ago, we migraded from an old 8.0 cluster to 10.5 and there are sill ...

Hi I am having an issue with dtmf..My scenario: Sip Trunk ---> GW ---> CUCM ---> UCCXGW-->CUCM is a trunk sip The provider told me that is sending rfc2833 and I can confirm it from the debug:Invitea=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000a=fmtp:101 0-16 So m...

cuentaflia by Beginner
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Hey, Hope someone can help me with this. but show license udi does give me the SN and UDI  se-192-168-154-251# show license udi Device# PID SN UDI--------------------------------------------------------------------------------*0 AIM-CUE FOCXXXXXXXXXX...

Hi guys, i have a requirement to setup auto attendant only no need to setup voice mail now. I have CUCM , CUC servers i don't know all steps but can you please guide me if these configs are not ok : I wonderig do i have to configure voice mail ports ...

Hi,SNMP string is configured on CUCM 8.0. We are able to get CPU utilization report on SNMP but not hard disk utilization.Is there any configuration required on CUCM to get hard disk (memory) utilization logs to be sent to SNMP? How partition and har...

Resolved! Cisco 8945 phone

Hello my friend .. looking my cucm :- there's only one number in our Cisco phone network that has a persistant problem & this phone was assigned to our financial department which has the number of 510, when we dial this number (510) from any phone in...

I am running Cisco Call Manager 8 - due for an upgrade sometime in 2016.     Currently I have about lines that I need to be sent to voicemail after 6:00 PM.  No rings, just straight to voice mail.   I have a CTI route point that can send straight to ...

pbell by Beginner
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Hello all! Need a help:) We have bought Cisco 3925-V/K9. On board we have Cisco uck9 license + FL-CUBEE-25. Our client wants to check it. With license no broblem: show version or show lic. But how to show him, than FL-CUBEE-25 is installed. We have ...