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Dear Team,I have over 400 7821 and need to purchase DLU license for it. Correct me if I'm wrong, I need 2 licenses per phone which means I'll need 800 DLU's.Is the part number LIC-CM-DL-500= correct ? I could not find any part number less than 500 li...

khan300 by Beginner
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Hii have installed cisco MediaSense and also integrated it with cucm 10.5 and i could paly and download recorded audio files.but unfortunately i faced a problem : the user which has API role can get all record (from all phones )so my question : is th...

I have added the second ISDN30 to my gateway(the ISDN card that I installed on the router is HWIC-1B-U= 1-port ISDN BRI NT1 HWIC), however when I call the number I cannot see any traffic coming across. I can see from show isdn status that  the layer ...

aaa5678 by Beginner
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