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Resolved! CUBE question

Hello,I kindly ask to advice the best way to configure the following chheme at the CUBE (SIP):  cucm1pub ( ----|                        |---- ( cube ( ------ ( ITSPcucm2sub ( ----| The goal is:- all ...

Upgradation through PCD

I have seen in some post through PCD we can upgrade from the version 7.X to 10.5Just confirm me we are running CUCM,CUC version 7.1 whether we can use the PCD for upgradation.On below notes it's mentioned from 8.6.Supported Releases for the Upgrade T...

Selective Call Forward

We have several members of staff on our support team that are getting users contact them directly rather than calling the helpdesk.What we would like to do is forward all their phones to the helpdesk hunt group, but still allow anyone else within the...