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CUBE Setup on PAETEC Dynamic SIP (MPLS)

            I am adding a SIP trunk at our main site for overflow from PRI, in order to offer Softphone features to our employees who work remotely. The SIP trunk terminates on our MPLS connection existing on a separate router from my MGCP Gateway. B...

KT4RJN by Beginner
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Hi All  - In CVP SIP comprehensive call, once the SIP service send outbound SIP invite to VXML gateway along with SDP information which contain information of Ingress gateway.After which RTP has been established from Ingress G/W to VXML gateway.Here ...

Cannot make/receive calls

Hi,In a remote site with Cisco IP phones talking across a WAN to a local call manager, calls cannot be made after switch changes. IP connectivitiy between the local switch and the call manager is present. The only changes on the switches were changin...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! CME on a 2901 ??

Hi -I'm looking to replace my UC520. It is eol and has given me nothing but trouble. IF, I am reading the specs right, I need the following:CISCO2901/K9andSL-29-UC-K9Will that get me Call Manager Express and Unity express?I'll need an FXO/FXS card, b...

gregatatt by Beginner
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Resolved! UC560 SIP

Hello,I am not voice oriented so please excuse me. We have a customer who wants a UC560 to use with SIP from the ISTP. Which one of the models of the 560 should i spec for the client, the T1/E1 or the BRI?Joel        

TCL Files

Hi - When VXML G/W sending PING msg to CVP IVR service it using RECOVERY.VXML, Where as i checked in Recovery.vxml it is given as when HTTP not able to communicate with IVR just Handoff the call to Handoff.TCL and it will disconnect the call with ca...

Resolved! Call manager 9 cluster on vmware ESXi

Hi Everyone,I looking at the pros and cons of deploying call manager cluster and unity connection cluster on esi. Can someone advise based on their experience if physical servers or virtualised, which is better. I know from ver 8 vmware was supported...

rramlal by Beginner
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