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                   Hello guys!Currently I'm configuring SRST on a Cisco 2921 in conjunction with a CUCM8.6 (BE6000). When testing SRST, the phones show "MODE SRST", some pick up dial tone, some not, and on phones with dialtone phone calls did not pro...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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                   Hello guys!     I am in the process of upgrading a CUCM and CUCxN to version 9.1.1a for both systems. These are two virtual machines running on a BE6000 version 8.6 platform (UCS C220 M3 server). In the ...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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Resolved! Hunt Pilot Setup

I have a group of 5 phones in a customer care dept. that are not using UCCX.  I am using a Hunt Pilot to distribute calls using the longest idle time distribution algorithm.   Is there a way that if one of people from the group are gone for the day, ...

I am trying to apply auto qos on my interfaces, I am using the auto qos voip cisco-phone command.  I am getting a warning when I apply this command.     Warning: rcv cosmap will not be applied in hardware. To modify rcv cosmap in hardware, all of the...

I'm struggling to find in any of the ordering guides how someone might go about reinstating UCSS for a CUWL-BE cluster that has expired. I know with CUWL/BE6K that it is equivalent to CUWL STD, so should they use the CUWL STD reinstatement SKU (L-REI...

IAN PERRY by Beginner
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Hi,I have Cisco UC540 Voice Router. I have configured SIP services into that box to use 3rd party (3cx Softphone) SIP software on Phone / Desktop,On Desktop Side my 3rd party softphone is working fine no issue while I am using same client on my andri...