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I believe the answer is no, but looking to definitive verification – a single Presence server cannot provide this service for multiple clusters, can it?  Meaning, the customer is wanting to avoid having to stand up a Presence server in each of four c...

Hello all,I have a 2801 router with C2801-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T5, CME 7.1 installed and an isdn vic2-2bri-nt/te card.I'm trying to make phone calls with the ephones through and from the isdn line but in both cases i experience one way audio,the...

Hi,Can anyone confirm me what is the codec being used between a Cisco IP phone and Cisco Unity server. Also i want to know what is the minimum bandwidth required for communication between a cisco IP phone and Cisco Unity Server.                  

Hello,I defined below dial-peer on CME 7.1 to forward any number starting with 9 to PSTN. I want to to strip the 9 prefix and forward remaining 8 digits to PSTN line. But it doesn't strip and forwards all the 9 digits. I configured it in two way:====...

Hey team,I need to pull the virtual machine for CUCM 8.6 off the UCS server, rebuild the server and then restore it.  Does any have a link to the best practices for copying the VM off of the server?All replies will be rated!!