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Hi,I have the following scenario:analog fax ----------------------  VG202  ------------------- CUCM (8.0.3a) -------------------- 2821 Gateway (12.4(24)T4) ----------------- PSTN                            analog                             MGCP     ...

m.ranger by Level 1
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I hunted around and could not see if there was an easy way to do this:Route Pattern 5555 ----->SIP trunk------>PSTNOn the display, can it show 5555 - PSTN, instead of just 5555 of the called party?   I know in Unity when you connect to the VM server,...

Hello guys,    im getting empty CDR files. All I see is the headers but no information of calls is available. The CUCM version is 8.0(2). I checked all services associated with CDR and are enabled. What else should I look into? Thanks.

fuhrersk8 by Level 3
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I have configured this and appear to be running into a Dial-Peer issue in that I am not matching on the outgoing dial peer. This is a lab configuration and here are the applicable Config entries.fax receive called-subscriber $d$fax interface-type fax...

Hello,i´ve got a stuttering CP7921 WLAN Phone.The Logfile only shows the following information:2011-12-20 10:43:59:0430 CP-7921G authpriv.err AUD: octet_string_is_eq failed return err_status_auth_fail2011-12-20 10:43:59:0430 CP-7921G authpriv.err AUD...