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My customer is running CUE 8.5 and CME 8.6 on a 2900 15.0M.  The CUE GUI is working, but we had to download 8.5 GUI files to get it going.  The trouble is that now the CME GUI just displays the main page, but it's empty - this is what the CUE GUI was...

Hello, I have problem with the call record in CDR. When I make a report by extension number, displayed only outgoing calls, incoming calls are not included in the report. Can you help?. I appreciate your help.I have configured the Cisco Call Manager ...

My name is Mike Rae and I am trying to get Voip working via Pennytel here in Australia.I have the following setup:Modem: Siemens Speedstream 4200 that signs on to Bigppnd ISP and passes an IP address to the router. DMZ is disabled.Router: Cisco E3000...

imikerae0 by Beginner
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I have following stuff on my router and i am unable to dial in side and outside.voice-port 0/0/0trunk-group FXOinput gain -3output attenuation -1echo-cancel coverage 64no comfort-noiseconnection plar 2222music-threshold -45bearer-cap Speech!!dial-pee...

techguy by Enthusiast
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