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IP communicator not ringing

Hi Friends, I have installed Cisco IP communicator in my Win Xp Laptop. IPC is registerd to the callmanager 4.2.Whenever some one calls me i can see the display showing the incomming call with details of ID..But the IPC ringing tone is not heared i...

n_vigneshr by Beginner
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Conference Me - how to set up?

I'm having difficulty in getting this up and running. I have this current configuration. When dialing 112233, nothing happens. Conference Now ConfigurationConference Now IVR Directory Number                    112233Route PartitionP_Phones     Descri...

Dorin Ene by Beginner
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Resolved! Meet-Me Bridge question

Reading through the documentation and looking a some threads I want to confirm a configuration and function.If I configure a Meet-Me number that is associated with a DID so that it is accessable both internally and externally, Can an external Caller ...

cucm upgrade question

Hi all, A customers is going to upgrade a cucm environment consisting of 2 servers (Pub/Sub)From 11.0 to 11.5As you all know you have to start upgrading  with the Pub, after that you can choose whether you want to switch version or not.Its mandatory ...

monasir by Beginner
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Calling to a switched off mobile phone ip phone hears ringback tone for a while

Hi, I am using CUCM version 12 and ISR4321 as a voice gateway. There is a E1 connection as well as SIP and FXO connection. Everything is running fine but if I call to a switched off mobile phone from ip phones it hears ringback tone for a while for b...