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Hi All,   Please help me with the below query   I have cucm 10.5 cluster.   There are some CAPF trust certs which are expired.I would like to know if I delete the CAPF trust, how it can be regenerated. What would be the impact of deleting the expired...

Hi Everyone,   Looking at connecting our Ricoh Fax's via SIP to CUCM so we can get rid of our POTS lines.  We are able to build the 3rd party sip endpoint in the CUCM and the RICOHFAX can receive faxes but the RICOHFAX is unable to send faxes.  It wi...

wharris623 by Level 1
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i have voice gateway that inbound PSTN number (02112345678) to CTI RP UCCX(99999), but my customer need to direct call from PSTN through to extension without get IVR from UCCX (02112345678*10000). can i achieve this configuration?     here is configu...

fandhikap by Level 1
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Resolved! 2911 CME IVR Issue

I have a 2911 running the latest CUCME. I have a voice translation rule setup to route all incoming calls to the IVR. The inbound calls just ring forever. Even if I switch the translation rule to an internal extension it won't ring the phone. I've ra...

Dears I have a CUCM Cluster in HO with version 8.6, we are replacing branch CME becz it is eos, i m proposing 4331 router with CME license of 50 users, i have a 2x 4FXO cards analog lines on this router for PSTN connectivity, i will create a VOIP dia...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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