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Hi,   We purchased two 7925G units we want to use the hunt group logout/login feature. From the Cisco documentation the hunt group login/logout button should be under Option > HLog.  We discovered the HLog button isn't available under options for som...

Hi , one my customer need one solution  customer is already having Avaya PBX system and now we are deploying Cisco. CUCM, PUB SUB ETC  customer need if the Avaya System goes down the phone should be able to call through Ciscoi explain them i will cre...

Hope someone can help. I've been asked to add a Cisco conference phone CP-7832 to a FreePBX phone system. The client was told this is possible. I've powered it up and it got an IP address but I cannot access the web interface to configure it. I notic...

Hello,I am posting here because I am at a loss. My Company had its only person responsible for Telecom leave the company. Myself and another employee was put through a very bare-bone walkthrough for setting up new phones, but do not have any experien...

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