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Hi Team,   We are in mid of deploying the Expressway in our current organization as we have 3 locations with 3 different clusters. So we are planning to have the same domain name for all the clusters.   Is that possible to do that? If yes please guid...

rajeshpat by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,   We have 2 new 7821s that will be used to replace 2 old phones (6941). The old phones are configured as ephones as the following:   ephone-dn  8  dual-line number 2020 label Mr. X name Mr. X call-forward max-length 4 call-forward busy 2...

nawas2 by Beginner
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Does anyone know of an easy way to check and see if a particular extension was forwarded at a given time-frame?  I am sure their are some sort of logs I can pull via RTMT but would like to now which logs as well as what attributes to search in the lo...

HI ALL   could you please help me in my issue it still cant join conference call after put the conference code which requested from me after dialing the number of the meeting and the Cisco phone recognize the code as number and its like outing me fro...

amralrazzaz by Contributor
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Hello All ,i have 2 ip phones 7985 (with camera) regiesterd with ccm8.6 the handset of the first one was working fine but the other not working i swapped the handset between the 2 phones ,now none of the handset is working even after swapping them ag...

I was cruising CAR Device >> Trunk >> Utilization Reports the other day and saw that SIP_to_UC1 was hitting 100% utilization at 1100 & 1200.  So I checked SIP_to_UC2, and it was all zeroes.  Hmmmm   Went into CUCM Device >> Trunk and saw that While U...

RAustin70 by Beginner
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