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in the RTCSQsSummary tables values like Average wait time, Average Talk time etc are stores initially has integers. Does any one one how cisco covert these number in the the format 0:00:00 that is listed as ConVAvergaeWaittime or ConvAvgTalkTime

CVP 7 with SIP, I am noticing that when calls are blind transferred in order to play ringback I require an Announciator, which is not very bandwidth efficient. The only thing I can find in the documentation is to set the "send h225 user info messag...

Chris Deren by Hall of Fame
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I am attempting to use custom java app that queries a mssql server on another machine for data and returns it to CRS. When I test the code from my dev machine or the command line on the crs server it returns data without issue but when I upload the ...

I've written a script and need to execute a DB Write to insert some information into a table in the customer SQL database. Here is the statement format for the DB Write:INSERT INTO [CustAcctInfo] (Tele, pamt1, CCNO, CCSEC, CCExpMM, CCExpYY, CCBillZip...

within srnd i found the following about agent based routing;Agent Routing. Unified CCX routing applications can select a specific agent if that agent is in Ready state. (Queuing on a per agent basis is not supported.)Guess i'm really not sure what th...

pvarenholt by Level 5
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Hello allCame in today and am trying to run reports and for some reason, we only show three reports that can be run??? lost all options for agents and csq's. any ideas?thanks

Hi,How to customize Cisco CAD, so that I can see options for "reason codes", and caller details. Please explain. Do I need to configure Cisco Desktop Administrator for the same.Any reply is helpfulThanks,Manish

Hello I have the identical issue that bug CSCsy18560 but this is for uccx 7.X and we have UCCX 5.0(2)SR02_Build045. Can anyone help me?B>Symptom:</B>Voice quality choppy when playback recorded calls from the server thru supervisor desktopConditions:W...

What all possible ways CVP can integrate to a Third Party System.When I say a third party system I mean a system with some Data on it.Like with IP-IVR I integrated to a Database system by using ODBC,DbRead,DBGet nodes. And also I used CreateXMLDoc, G...