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Hi,I have a Contact Center with a several agents. All calls beetwen agents and callers are recorded. On a supervisor desktop I can see every call it's time and duration. But, when I try to listen that calls, from some agents it's OK, but from some ot...

vjemin by Level 1
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I have a IPCC 4.0(1) and CCM 4.1(3).The database of IPCC write in CCM.I want to find where in the SQL database be a information of resources state.

Hello all, I know I have seen discussions on pointing an HDS server to a different logger than the one it was configured to, but I can't find those threads now. Is it possible to point an HDS from Logger B to Logger A and not lose any data? The ver...

Has anybody heard of PG Majority? It was recently asked of me, and I can't find any information on it. I was assured it existed, but Cisco searches and web searches have turned up nothing. Does anybody know anything about this and could you point ...

Hi there !I have 2 applications on my IPCC... I?d like to purge all logs (for history reports) for ONE of the applications every day... only one ! The other application must keep the can I do that ?Thanks.Andrei.

Does anyone have any tips and suggestions for using arrays when gathering data from a caller? I'm writing a phone survey that needs to store the survey results into a database. I just don't want to have 10 variables for each question, so I think an...

jwarnerGB by Level 1
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I have an ICM Enterprise (v6) script with several "Queue to Skill Group" nodes. One node has the consider if formula SG.xx.RouterCallsQNow< SG.yyy.LoggedOnNow+1I see 1424 calls go ii, with 738 out the success leg and 646 out the failure leg. It seems...

gmcgill by Level 1
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I am reviewing a script developed by somebody not with our company anymore. Can anybody explain why the below would be done? This is logic handling sending a caller to voicemail. 1 - set some session information (understand this!)2 - set a _contact...

Hi,We are currently using IPCC Express 4.0(4)_Build140. We are planning to install patch CRS 4.0(4)SR1 on IPCC Express. To install this is it necessary to have BARS installed on the IPCC Express server?????Can some one let me know the procedure to in...

I am having a problem with a script that is making an outbound call. When trying to prompt a user, using a menu step, it is acting like it does not hear the dtmf. I am using the correct trigger on the menu and have the place call set to a different...