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Resolved! CUCM LDAP Changes Impact on UCCX

Hello Everyone, We are running CUCM 11.5 and UCCX 11.6. Last year we made an adjustment to a LDAP custom filter in CUCM that was configured poorly. After updating the filter and performing a sync we lost all of our agents in UCCX. We were able to qui...

afaudale by Beginner
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UCCX 8.5 to 11.5 Migration

Doing an upgrade where UCCX is on a physical server and integrated w/ a CUCM 8.5 environment.  Currently looking to migrate to a 11.5 environment, but the version of UCCX is one which I don't have the media for so I'm unable to do a backup and then r...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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UCCE - Reporting Direct Calls to Extensions

Hi there,  We have a problem where many calls are placed directly to an extension number from outside, these calls aren't incrementing counters in any of the Interval tables... but they are appearing in Termination_Call_Detail. We would like to someh...

JoshAsh by Beginner
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Resolved! Workflows not working after Renaming Resource

We sync AD to CUCM and recently removed uppercase characters from some usernames in AD and resynced to CCX. After the rename, workflows do not run for agents. After renaming the agents, I did have to place them back in the correct team and reassign s...

LabanM by Beginner
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Agent Capacity Sizing

I'm working with a client to try and help them determine how many agents they need in order to meet their Service Level.  I've been working with an Erlang calculator to try and come up with a more accurate number, but I've come across a few questions...

Resolved! Delete queued emails

Hi all.I need to delete all emails in queue up to a certain date. As I understand, in UCCX 10.5 it can be done with the utils uccx eemtables cleanup normal 5 06/06/2020 queued command, however when I use this command in UCCX 11.6 the message is displ...

migroj025 by Beginner
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