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Hi, We have a requirement for IPCC Express ,such that in case of emergency a code should be entered or a user with specific user-id logs in and all the scripts should start playing a emergency message and calls should get disconnected.Any idea how...

jagadishs by Beginner
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Hi, is anyone using Russian or Hmong TTS? I looked at Nuance vocalizer, but I didn't see either language.I am writing an application to schedule visits at a juvenile detention facility and they need to provide English, Spanish, Russian, and Hmong la...

Tom Dillon by Enthusiast
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is CRS 3.0(3a) compatible with CCM 3.3(4)SR1?I just installed it, and after it rebooted, it tried to open the "appadmin" screen but said:HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon FailedInternet Information ServicesI remember I installed this on CCM 3.3(2) suc...

r-cheung by Beginner
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hi,I have ipcc 3.1 with english and german locales installed. All text prompts of the xml ip phone agent service are in german. how can i make them to be in english?I tried to change the ip phone's locale - but no difference.thanksandreas

Hi CCM 4.1 (2), Auto Attendant ( 4 ports) default CRA 3.5 Through the above products setup is configured and it works fine. To customize the AA, CRA Editor is needed. I have the below queries1.Is CRA Editor a free prodcut or this product comes has bu...

sundarr by Beginner
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Where in the CallManager can I see what is the total weight of all registered IP Phones (CTI controlled), CTI ports and CTI route points, as one counter (summ)?If it is calculated manually, what are the correct weights for devices mentioned above in ...

v.srsen by Beginner
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