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Resolved! CCMP 10.5 license

Just wanted to know if there is a dedicated or Separate license for CCMP portal or is it included into UCCE, ICM  license ? if there is a license for CCMP, where can I check it ?BTW, I'm having CCMP 10.5

Ahmadkay by Beginner
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i am getting the below error from my UCCX server.should i be concern about this certificate error  SeverityMatch : CriticalMatchedEvent : Feb  2 08:00:10 UCCX01 local7 2 : 1254: Feb 02 2020 00:00:10.15 UTC :  %UC_CERT-2-CertValidfor7d...

gvitadmin by Beginner
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Dears,We have currently a UCCX cluster version 11.5 configured to use G711 (in system parameters). Calls from the PSTN to the UCCX Triggers are working just fine. However, internal calls from branches (over the WAN) are failing (callers get a busy si...

ln33147 by Enthusiast
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Hello AllI hope you guys are all right. I would like your help, if possible, on the procedures for regenerating CUCM certificates, more specifically those indicated below: 1- Tomcat Certificate:    If Tomcat is third-party signed ? I found a link but...

mnehar by Beginner
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We have an issue where 2 seperate receive the same customer call.  The call connects to both agents at the same time.  We are on UCCE 10.5.  Extensions are different. Logins are different. Agents are, however, skilled in the same agent group.  Any th...

paulafdx by Beginner
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Hi Guys, I am trying to run a query that joins Route Call Detail and Termination Call Detail. For example; I need to pull pv1 and pv2 from Route call detail with a CallTypeID = 5043, at the same time, I need to pull AgentPeripheralNumber from Termina...

Currently we are running UCCX 8.0.2 and have a multi queue help desk.  Agents have multiple skills assigned to them.  We have a request right now that a prompt be added to just 1 queue that will raise the priority of that call and only affect that qu...

I would like to enable SSO in UCCE 11.6.The current deployment model is 4000 Agent and this requires a standalone IDP Server.Because we only have 300 Agents i would like to change the deployment model to 2000 Agent because this allows a co resident I...

We all know that CUIC has 8000 row of data limitation for Historical Report and 3000 rows for Rows for Real Time Reports. Does this has changed in 12.0? If so could you please share any reference doc as I couldn't able to see in Cisco websites.

Hi Guys We are trying to make REST API calls in UCCE 11 over HTTPS.The Developer reference guides mention HTTP but not HTTPS, has anyone had any success with HTTPS? Any help would be massively appreciated.Thanks and Kind RegardsImran