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Hi, We have CVP 12.6,VVB 12.6 with UCCE 12.6 solution. If we have any missing audio prompt, the system giving exception error.badfetch.http leading to call disconnection and from CVP iis log we could confirm the audio URL return 404 error code. How w...

I have an agent that is shown as having 2 RoNA calls in CUIC on 8/14/23, as well as RoNA Not Ready time, but when I look in the HDS, I do not see the two RoNA events on that date.  When searching further back, I see no issues until 3/28/23.  The RoNA...

Hello,  Just seeing if anyone has got the Threshold rule to work on Webex Contact Center? I simply want an email notification if there are not any Agents logged in.  But I have been messing with this for a while and it simply does not seem to work fo...

kgroves42 by Level 3
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Does anyone know if there is a way to identify the number of steps that have been executed as part of a script? The idea is that if the system max step count is 1000 at the 995th step I would like to take an action to clear out the call before it's s...

Hello to everyone. I have 2 scripts. Main and callback. The customer is calling to main script and he is requesting callback service while pressing digit 5 during promt. After that call is terminated and callback script should be triggered. I am usin...

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Genadi by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,Has anyone done UCCX and Power BI integration? If so, could you please share or send me some documentations that I can use to complete the integration? Thanks, MK

I've installed an PCCE 12.6(2) that is running on evaluation licences rigth now. When i try to configure the CCE License Settings i have only the option to select License Type - Perpetual ans Usage Mode - Non-Production, this will require to have CCE...