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All,   In Detailed Call by Call CCDR reports, talktime column showing as "0" for outside hours calls for a particular region. Calls are routing to other location during off hours.    For Ex. Location A reports showing CCDR talk time values as "0" for...

Hi  I have a requirement in the existing UCCX Script where I need to find out how long the call is waiting in the script.   The call flow is like: 1. Incoming call > UCCX Script 2. Here I have configured time variable "tCallEntertime" 3. When caller ...

For UCCE 8.X can anyone share info on how exactly a transfer happens using dynamic label.  We are transferring out to 800 no and somehow the calls sent out are not matching what is being received at the other end. 

Resolved! UCCX HTTP Post

Working on a script to collect customer data and send it to a URL. I am able to conduct the HTTP post to send the URL via create document. But i have a couple of questions:   1. When i send the HTTP Post, would i get a response back if i use a create...

 I have a script in UCCE which is assigned to individual DN's all sharing the same CTI RP The requirement is for DN xxxx to be forwarded to CTI RP 5555, the script needs to capture the the original number xxxx, play the same single  prompt  but then ...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Ive been getting back in UCCX lately and need a brain refresher.  I have UCCX Application already stood up and working currently.  However, I uploaded a new license file to increase my premium seats and available IVR Ports.     My question is, I want...

We are running UCCE 10.0 and have CUCM 10.5. We are setup with CTIOS for the time being. During our install, silent monitoring was not needed and therefore not configured and setup for us.   I have a request now to get Remote Supervisor setup and hav...

jheckbert by Beginner
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Hi guys   I am a new in UCCE and sorry for this kind of question. I have deployed system and PG all other things are active and Up. Can anyone give me advise about script? I have configured one but when I call from monitor script the call going to th...

AliyevRas by Beginner
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Hallo,   we want to configure an wallboard (Dashboard) for our UCCX. We would like to see all current logged in Agents. When we create a live Report for this and add this Report to the Dashboard we get all informations we want.   But it would be nice...

Is there a way to modify the Finesse desktop layout to provide treatment that alerts the agent when certain criteria has been met?  This could be for when hold times exceed a certain time limit, or calls in queue reach a specific threshhold.   Is thi...

schwabcm by Beginner
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I need help in using JSON in UCCX. Essentially in this UCCX Script attached below, i need to get back a data which is displayed below in "Anticipated Data Response". When i try to get the data using JSON right now, i get the error "UCCX Source Docume...