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Can I deploy My callstudio application using command line, Just want to automate build process, I have heard SAB but I don't aware how to use it. I've tried it by running buildApp but I couldn't able to make . Can some one help how to do this.   


Hello, Running CM 11.5.1 and UCCX 11.5.1.  On CM should not the user have 1 extension listed as their primary extension and a different extension listed as IPCC extension?  I just inherited an environment where both extensions are listed as the same ...

Hi, everybody,Now I have a issue. I use uccx 11.5 for a small company.My UCCX have create 3 CSQ : Customer_CSQ, Technical_CSQ and Customer_VIP_CSQIVR script : press 1 to Customer, press 2 to Technical_CSQ and Customer_VIP_CSQ.I have a list of VIP cus...

Huynq83 by Beginner
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Hello Cisco Community, we want to redirect some incoming call to external PSTN number (for example if  choose option 2 i will be redirected to external pstn number) . I know that we can implement this using transfer to vru and then 'label'. my questi...

Rima by Beginner
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Hello Guys We have PCCE v 12.5 . We would like to obtain the peak call volume. The objective is to get the “max number of concurrent calls count and”  That cover all calls whatever have been answered by an agent,  abandoned or in treatment at IVR lev...

Roys1994 by Beginner
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Hi EveryoneI'm currently in the process of upgrading my cluster to 14 for all nodes. I went to download 14 for UCCX and I can't find anything. Is version 12.5.1 the last version of on-prem UCCX published, thanks for the help and I thank you in advanc...

Hello Expert,Do we lose data during an UCCX upgrade from 10.6 to 12.5?When the UCCX Pub goes down for an upgrade, the agents are shifted to Sub and all real and historical data are logged into the Sub. After completing the upgrade of the Sub to 12.5,...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Is it possible to edit the columns displayed when the Reports drawer is selected?  Our view shows Name, Description, Report Definitions and Actions.  I'd like to add a Last Updated column and a column for the help file URL.Is this possible and if so,...