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Hello, I've heard rumors that CAD and CSD will no longer be supported with CCX 11.  Can anyone validate if this is true?  I am planning a CCX deployment and need to deploy some of the features in CAD that to my knowledge, Finesse does not yet support...

Hi All,If finesse Agent need to get the customer information from CRM in UCCX setup, how we can achieve this. by searching the Cisco website understood that , CRM connector is required for this kind of configuration.Kindly share some insight on CRM c...

After much licensing pains (via OpsConsole Server) I had (2) CVP Call Servers and (2) VXML Servers up & running. Last week, I lost the Box MCS7825 that was configured as Ops Console Server. I have another box up & running as new OpsConsole Server.Whe...

samkk2 by Level 1
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Hello,My company has bought the Nice Solution bundle from Cisco: L-MDS-NICEI've got the license but don't know where to find the Software to download or the documentation.Does anyone has experience on this that may share with me?Thanks,Rui

Hello,I have an issue with CAD Agents, they are disconnecting showing the error message:- One CTI Componets is offline.UCCX: could be this issue.The screenshot of the error is attached, the UCCX is not on the same site of the agent...

Hi everyone I have upgraded my UCCX from version 9.0 (2) to 10.5 (2)  . And now after switch version , the web page tell me that i must upload license . I  don't have any license version 10x . Can you tell were can i obtain DEMO license ?  

AliyevRas by Level 1
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On UCCX, when an Outbound, Agent Based campaign is configured with a small data set, call retrieval is more likely to pick retries because there are less Pending and Callback records in the database.  Is there a setting which tells call retrieval not...

dbooth by Level 1
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Calls to the trigger number works internally, calls from the outside to trigger does not work but if i assign a dn internally, calls from outside rings on the DN, but it doesnt ring on the trigger line ad so prompt are not been played. Please help is...

rammany19 by Level 1
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