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Hey all, Wanted to know how to setup either a CVP script or ICM script to allow a customer to call in and shutdown their call center and then call back in to reopen it. I've seen posts for CRS but can't seem to find anything for UCCE 9.X through eith...

After hrs my group wants to change and send calls to a 3rd party toll free number.  Whats the easy way for me to do this in UCCX?  I have things setup already to check TOD and if its after hrs now it was going to a VM box, would it be just that easy ...

Hi Support CommunityWe have a UCCX 8.5 cluster and we are creating a basic script with a menu prompt and 5 options. There is only going to be 1 CSQ as the contact centre staff will all answer the same calls and each option will have the same priority...