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Hi,I have a small UCCX with 5 agents. My requirements is to let the agents be aware if there's a call waiting in queue and what is the calling number. I couldn't think of a way to display such an info on the phone (at least one number)!Any ideas?

I need some help, how to create a scenerio when user enter 1, it will take him to English and 2 to Spanish. I can assume this could be simple task. However, I am new to scripting. Thanks. Chuck                  

Candreas2 by Level 1
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Resolved! license count

hi all!we are licensed for 300 ivr ports. what happens if call 301 comes in? yes I do understand that this 300 limit is based on users that are in the system listening to MOH or prompts.we also have separate cm telephony groups per application but ar...

rbblue234 by Level 1
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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the MS SQL 5 version from SP2 to SP4 on Logger A and B ICM.  Do I have to have both Loggers on the same version of SQL?  Or, can I upgrade Logger A one night, and Logger B the next night?  Please let me know your thoughts. ...

pheadden by Level 1
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Hi,I want to integrate UCCX 9.0.1-1000.100 with CUCM IM & Presence 9.0.1-1000.21. When I verified Presence's user in UCCX Desktop administrator, I got an error  "CDAUI2034 Invalid Cisco Unified Presence Cluster User credentials. Configured user must ...

Ferdi0802 by Level 1
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Hi Friends,One of our customer is using ICM SIP Dialer and running an IVR based campaign. I was extracting the data from the Dialer_Detail talble and found a lot of records with Error code 2. ICM documents describe this as "Error while dialing".  I w...

amir.ayub by Level 1
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Getting the following error in the SqmService log:QM0004 Unable to retrieve phone information for desktop recording, retry in 60 seconds.Followed by:QM0000 <USER> is logged in, but no telephone has been detected yet for desktop recording.LDAP0000 Una...

Hi ,We have 4 CUCM (7.x) cluster for four regions. Each cluster has 1 Pub. And 3 Subs. I want to enable inter cluster calling because all regions are at our MPLS Network.Kindly suggest what to do to enable calling across 4 regions. Regards,Soni

Hi all,We are looking at how UCCX 8.5 can support a 'request callback' function on our websiteFirstly can it?Secondly if it can how would this be done - would the click on the web form need to populate an xml or a list that can be used by the outboun...

Customer is using the Application Gateway to send the Variable to the external application and receive the updated variable through the same. We are observing that Application gateway is unsuccessful for more than 50 % . Can we know the reson for the...

prashs by Level 1
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