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When these two applications exist within the enterprise telephony environment are they distinctly seperate or are they integrated womewhat?Just want to understand if there is integration betweeen the applications or do they stand alone.Thanks,Paul.

Hi All!    I'm a novice at scripting and have to edit an advance (for me) script for uccx version 8 and was wondering if anyone had an example script for an emergency script that would edit a status.xml file (changing the text from "open" to"closed f...

bmcghee by Level 1
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Does the BiB do multiple stream media forking?We need to know if call recording platforms using Dual Media Stream/Built in Bridge recording will capture the CVP Agent Greeting as part of the call recording or not.Or does the Recording Server have to ...

braclarke by Level 1
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We are trying to write some custom java classes in uccx 8.5 and are running into troubles.What version of jdk should the classes be written in?  we are seeing 1.4 and 1.6 in the documentation.Is there format that the classes should be written in?Is t...

chasfelss by Level 1
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                   Hello guys!Im in the process of installing and integrating a Contact Center to an existing CUCM8.5. Never done this before. My first two questions are the following:1. The client requires voice recording, does voice recording requi...

fuhrersk8 by Level 3
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Hi,Can anyone help me with the installation of Finesse.I followed the installation guide but i couldn't finish the installation because the DNS server, which is Mandatory for Cisco Finesse.I used the DNS of my Domain Controller.Any idea what i did wr...