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E-SRST and Connection plar

Hi Guys, I have a router that is setup to use SIP trunk with CUCM 11. Its all SIP phones. FXO is used for the PSTN and I have setup the connection plar to point to the AA extension. My issue is when in SRST mode, how can I translate the connection p...

rramlal by Beginner
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TEHO Caller ID

Hi,   I have three branches in 2 states. Currently those branches are configured with SLRG, call routes through local SIP trunk. Customer wants to implement TEHO. I can do with route groups; how do i reflect the caller ID? Because ITSP only displays ...

Suchi by Beginner
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Permanent On a Call

Hi all! UCM - IMP - Phones - IP Phone 7911, 3905, 6921 Recently I faced with the problem, users go to permanent "On a Call" in Jabber. Phone handset is on-hook and Jabber is not calling. They both do not call anywhere....

call forward issue

There are three 6921 phones at the site. 0066 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN 0072 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN 0074 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN Below scenario not working 1 .When calls from 0066 forwarded on mobile phone (0066 >>> mo...

Resolved! CUCM and CUBE Codec Negotiation

Hi Guys, I appreciate that this topic is covered quite in depth both on the forums and official documentation.  I'm having trouble digesting all of the information into something useful. I'm having trouble with Codec Negotiation between my ITSP -> CU...

CDR file Entry

Hi Guys, Cheers!!! Apologies if my English is not good I have an issue in CDR file from CUCM 10.5. When i am looking th3e entries in CDR file i am unable to find the called number for incoming calls. Below i am giving the incoming call scenario. ...