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Hello ,For CUCM group 1 we have 2 cucmCUCM Grp 1CUCM1CUCM2When we restart the CUCM1 phone goes to CUCM2 and when CUCM1 is up phone goes to CUCM1 again . How we can increase the failover period , we want to be sure all CUCM1 services are up ! Then pho...

extremum by Level 1
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Hi guys,Our UC560 is working fine with incoming calls, but when I add forward to number got this error:*Apr 13 09:57:32.089: //-1/7140017D81A4/RXRULE/sed_subst: Successful substitution; pattern=02xxxxx717 matchPattern=02xxxxx7 replacePattern=7 replac...

Hi, I have an 8865 that doesn't recognize that the shutter is open. Has someone an idea how the phone checks if the shutter is closed or open?

by Not applicable
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We are using CallManager  We have some 8851 phones already configured on the system.  However, a new batch of 8851 phones recently ordered will not register.  They are prompting for an activation code.  How do we handle?  Thanks.

Dear community,This translation only picks three digits and maps it to 56xxx. However, I would like it to pick 5[6-9]xxx. what needs to be changed?!voice translation-rule 1rule 1 /\(...\)/ /56\1/!voice translation-rule 2rule 1 /.+\(...\)$/ /\1/rule 2...

isaaco001 by Level 3
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Hi Guys, I have CUCM 8.5 with SIP trunk from SP and I have CUBE as well. I want if some one call internal extension and there is no answer then the call forward to mobile number or international Call, Can  I configure this option inside CUCM? DO I ne...

Hello, We are deploying Jabber v14.1 to our Contact Center agents. How can we set the default appearance of Jabber to Classic? Any parameter we can set in the msi file for such purpose? The Jabber is used only for phone calls and it should be as comp...

Hiep Bui by Level 1
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Hello,I am practicing the MGCP config and i have a problem with calls inbound from the PSTN to the FXO Port (0/0/0) on my router (Cisco 2821), when a call is made to my FXO Port from the PSTN the call is directed to the Attendant DN that i configured...

nascoentr by Level 1
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