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Hello everyone, I wondering if someone knows a command on VG to know if some device is connected to the voice port.When I put this command:VG202#sh stcapp dev sumTotal Devices:           2Total Calls in Progress: 1Total Call Legs in Use:  1Port      ...

I seem to have a problem with max-conn on a dial-peer. This is a 3745, IOS 12.4 r4.Router#sh run | begin dial-peer voice 18dial-peer voice 18 voip service MyTCLService max-conn 400 incoming called-number .TAfter a busy night of traffic, I get complai...

chesebrgr by Beginner
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Hello Does anybody have any information on the Cisco Conference Phone 7939!?I know of the existence of 7936 and 7937 Cisco IP Phones which are used as Conference Phones but not 7939?Any advise will be most appreciated.Thanks in advance.RegardsKaushik

I have a SIP trunk provider that only supports g.711.I would like my branch offices to use G.729 until they hit my core then Trancode to G.711 to pass down the SIP trunk.Can any one advise me how to acheive this please?