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Hi,Just incase if anyone has encountered, am trying to install CUCM 8.5 on a VMWare workstation for setting up the lab. First i installed CUCM 8.0.3 on VMWare (80GB, 2GB RAM) everythingwas fine. Am able to ping the IP from other systems and able to o...

Hi all,   I need edit this file admin:file      file check      file delete*      file dump*      file fragmentation*      file get*      file list*      file search*      file tail*      file view*file: file dump tftp /english_united_states/SCCP-dic...

Hello AllI have attached a topology of what the customer has requested. Security is high on the agenda and I wanted to know if this is a valid  design?What ports will the firewall need to open up for all traffic to talk to each  other?I have started ...

feisalb by Level 1
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Resolved! CDR Records Lost

Dears,I've got CCM 7.1.5. When I'm trying to export CDR to CSV, for March for example, it shows me empty results. I checked Alerting for CDR repo limitation, it was set, but no kind of CDR alert I get. What could be the issue?Thanks!

I add ATA-186 SCCP to CME 8.6 infrastrukture, I can make calls and receive them but audio goes only in one direction from CME to ATA-186 . I try different calls from ATA-186 to another SCCP extension , SIP extension , SIP trunk , PSTN line same probl...

gossa1973 by Level 1
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We have an issue where an external call coming into our SIP GW will establish a call, however the caller can't hear audio, this happens to about 6% off all incoming calls at random times and on random IP 6xxx/7xxx Phones. We have 2 remote sites repor...

Hi there,Is it possible to configure ATA 186 - using SCCP - for sending and receiving fax on the CallManager Express Version 8.6?  I've configured both ports of ATA 186 as ephone and ephone-dn. I connected an analoge phone to the ATA ports and I can ...

Resolved! CME Web Gui Error

I can login to the web gui but when I select the phones, extentions, and other tabs I get the error:  Error: Unable to login as administrator to the Cisco CallManagerExpress at site 'local'. What am I missing?