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Hello All,Hope you are all well!May I know if i can access self care portal over a customized port, for instance:https://cucmipaddress:1616/ucmuserUse case is to restrict unathorized access to CallManager administration page.Thanks in advance

@Syed by Participant
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I think I know the answer to this, but I'll press on regardless! I've got a client that needs to play an annoucement greeting in front of their agents stating that calls into the contact centre (which isn't using UCCX or UCCE) may be recorded. At the...

barry by Rising star
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 Here's the scenario,We have a DN, lets say (03 1111 2222) which we have configured a different CLI ( 03 1111 3333) using Calling Party Transformation when making any external Calls. We set that Transformation CSS at SIP Trunk Level. In a scenario wh...

In CUCM, on most phones, there's a configuration option for a Log Server. The ccmadmin help says nothing. The CUCM docs just say: "Specifies an IP address and port of a remote system where log messages are sent" I entered the IP address of my syslog ...

Good Day All,I have configured a VG224 GW with CM4.2 and it does not seem to be registering.The configurationis pretty stock/standard.I double checked the host name with call manager and they match.I have provided a copy of the router config minus pa...

alalli by Explorer
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Does anyone have a suggestion for a door access system which you tie into an existing fob system? I would like it to notify a secretary and show video of who is at the front door when a button is pushed. The secretary could then intercom with the per...

Hello ,when I call from my cisco phone's to external number I hear regular tone, even when the external number is busy.the topology: Cucm->H323->Router ->Priany idea? Example to configuration :dial-peer voice potsdestination-pattern XXXXXXXXprogress_...

iptsupport by Participant
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