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IPT music on hold

HelloQuestionCan you disable MOH file off a number of register cisco phones only?Current enviornmenCCM 7.12MOH file streem off the router utilizing call-manage-fallback moh im_march11.wav multicast moh port 16384 route 172.16.9....

kalbasha0 by Beginner
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Resolved! PLAR Configuration

Hi AllI was wondering if you could assist with finding out why I cannot get my PLAR setup working. I am using  Cisco Unified CM, System version: 7.0.1.I did the following setupPartition Name: Taxi_PT-9719SCalling Search Spac: TaxiCSS         and Sele...

7937 Conf Phone POE ?

As our 7936 conf phone ac adapters burn out, we'll be replacing the entire phone with POE 7937's.Today I got my first 7937 which I'd like to configure. However, when I connect it to the LAN, I don't get any power. Does the switch port have to be conf...

Time of Day rules

Sombody please correct me if I'm wrong.When i define a Time Schedual and Time period and apply it to Partition (... this is the correct me part ... ) I am defining when the Partition is active, other wise (outside of the time period) it is de-activat...

kkelly by Beginner
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E1 R2 Configuration

Hi all,If I need to configure E1 R2 but the whole channels in E1 will be used for incoming or outgoing so No need to create two voice ports, I just need to create one voice portany body can help me to know which line I should use to configure this ( ...