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Hello!i have a problem with sending fax through a cisco ata 186 adapter, i can send to some numbers.. but thats not many.i have a ata 186-l2-A adapter with Version: v3.1.0 atasccp connected to a cisco callmanager express router with cme 4.1i have att...

Hi,I found an error when i try to configured SRST single-line DN as belowVIPTVGW07(config)#call-manager-fallback VIPTVGW07(config-cm-fallback)#max-dn ?   <1-960>  Maximum single/dual/octo line  directory numbers supported VIPTVGW07(config-cm-fallb...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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I have a 7911 that I was trying to upgrade the firmware on and I read it needed older firmware to step to the newest. I tried to do a factory reset (Hold #, Plug in, Release # after message light flashes, 123456789*0#) unti now is a blank screen, pul...

nshoe18 by Beginner
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I am trying to make a Application User that only has the ability to add/change phones, add/change Directory Numbers, associate Directory Numbers with phones and view the Route Plan Report.  I created a role (User Management/Role) and checked the boxe...

mmedwid by Participant
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HiDoes anyone know wether you can get any detailed information from the Call Manager from a monitoring perspective?We manage a lot of Call Managers but are only able to do Ping and Poll at present with the CUCM. We want to be able to check the status...

Hello,recentlywe have been experiencing problems with our uc520we have 3 fxo lines and just randomly it freezes meaning that when we try to call out it sounds as if someone is using it-busy. when we try call the line the line doesnt ring(sounds busy)...

esosa by Beginner
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