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Hi,I am upgrading my cucm from 6.1.3 to 7.1.5, at present my7940 phones are using firmware P0S3-08-11-00/P00308010100 will I able to use the same firmware after the upgrade. As most of my phones is in remote site and will take my WAN for downloading ...

Dear AllI have two CCM7 server , now I have an question , As Follow is my environment1、Two CCMs are Cluster2、One Unity Connection provide voice-mail and Auto Attendant services3、2911 router is voice gateway , it connent a ISDN PRI LINE ( 30B+D )4、 No...


All,I have the following DID configuration on my CME/voice gateway.Will both be necessary and what will they do? Does "incoming called-number ." mean any calls from POTS line?dial-peer voice 8900 pots description 89xx DIDs incoming called-number . di...

yuhuiyao by Beginner
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Hi,A customer is asking what are the guidelines for CUxAC server and console locations :- is there any caveat to have the application server in the main site and client attendant console in another site?- any pre-requisite for delay & BW?Thx in advan...

gmenu by Beginner
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Hi,When I (in our Cisco Unity 4.2 Build 4.2(1) installation) try to access the remote webpage to administrate subscribers, I can logon and fine use the administration part of the webpage.But if I choose a subscriber and press the "Profile" link, I ge...

Hi all,         Is there any minimum digit requirment in Call Mnager for DN .?.I configured one phone with DN number 8 and when i am trying to call to that number,the call is not going.I configured one hunt group with pilot number 9 and also it is no...

Resolved! MeetMe redundancy

Hi!I've got CUCM 5.1 cluster with 2 nodes. Both of them have CFB configured on them and both CFB's are in the same MRG. This MRG is assigned to Device Pool, which is assigned to all phones and gateways. After some period of time I have met a problem ...

dfokin by Beginner
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Hi,I am using CUCM7.1.3 and want to enable Extension Mobility. i have 2 queries.1. when a user log into cisco phone, is there a way that phone will logout if the phone is not in use for sometime.2. Again the user can relogin using the PIN.Need urgent...

Hi Guys,,This is my first time installing Business Edition, I had installed all the license files (CM7-PAK and UNITYCN7-BE-PAK)But it shows the following:Licensing Warnings: System is  operating on Demo licenses. Please upload relevant license  files...

osamaokok by Beginner
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