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Local Directory

After configuring the call procesing solution and directory service. when i clicked on the directory button the local directory is not was not showing.( it has just missed calls, placed calls and intercom)what do i need to do to make the local direct...

snzeadibe by Beginner
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Voice Clipping

Hi,Scenario is we have  installed Call managers at Delhi (Rohini) Location it is central location for all over India through WAN link, the issue i am facing is we have  installed IP Phones in Okhla (delhi) which is connected through WAN to the call m...

Barge in by extension

Hi everybody,     I need to apply a Barge in feature for the operator; so he can barge any extension between 1000 extensions in the site and notify him that there is important call.when i started configure the Barge in feature for him i found myself ...

mrmhar1408 by Enthusiast
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ATA not registering with CCM4

hi,I have 7 ata186 at customer site. 6 ata with SCCP signaling image and 1 with H323 image. I manually configured 6 SCCP ATA and these ATA are working fine and registering with the callmanager. I also changed the H323 image of single ata with SCCP im...

nareh84 by Participant
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Unity Subscriber MailBoxes

Hi  We have customer who is using Cisco Unity 4.2, which is integrated with MS Exchange for UM delivery of voice messages. Recently there was an error which was related to licensing, that was reported for over-subscription.     The number of subscrib...

kumar3880 by Beginner
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error sip

Hi, anyone know why occurs this error in SIP.000849: May 20 18:37:25.210: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/rtpAvpCodec_to_voipCodec:Unexpected RTP PayloadType :255 in SDP Body000850: May 20 18:37:25.214://11673/91C0E3929CC3/SIP/Error/sipSPI_ipip_copy_sdp_...

Extension mobility and CiscoTSP

Hi!I discovered yesterday a problem with Extension mobility and CiscoTSP. The problem is this.  When a Tapi app checks the devices which are connected in this moment, the app asks through CiscoTSP to the Call Manager the status and events of these de...