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Hi folksIs there a way to send the dtmf attached on the sip invite, or in somewhere in the signaling process on an enbloc string like 81 1111 1111 - 1234 (where 81 1111 1111 is our did, and the 1234 is the dtmf)?Thank you in advance.

Hey all, I have a user that is wanting their voicemails to be picked up on their cell phone instead of their desk phone. Is there a way to make this function with 100% consistency? Currently each user with a work provided cell phone has a RD profile ...

jrdodson by Beginner
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Hi all, we have a CUBE that is choosing a new outbound dialpeer upon receiving a REFER. How can I get it to maintain its current connection? I've tried a few refer-related commands in the CUBE, hoping they would preserve the existing outbound connect...

Hello there!Just got my CCME working with my C7970 and registering on the ISP VOIP trunk.Can make calls but can't receive them. For what I can see with the debug voice dialpeer all, I get a match on multiple dial-peers:-------------------------------...