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I have a working 8861 VPN connected user, who is unable to change the Alternate TFTP.  It is greyed out, and can not change it to ON from OFF. Can the user Reset  any of the Settings,  - network, security, without losing their VPN Connectivity. They...

Dear Techies, We need to configure an Extension and Direct Line on a Cisco 7941 IP Phone. The following configuration has been done, but neither the calls are falling on the direct line nor we are able to use the direct line thorough the Line Button ...

Hi all, I'm a VoIP novice and have a couple of questions. We are about the implement some NEC IP phones that will be connecting to access switches dedicated the phones only(no PC's sitting behind the phones). Given there's only a requirement for voic...

Dear All, Quick help, please. International calls are not working for few users. I have checked partition & css, and it was working fine till yesterday. Message from the phone: You call cannot be completed as dialed. Call Flow: IP phone – CUCM – SIP ...

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