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Resolved! Cisco 1142 - DotRadio0 resets

I have a Cisco Aironet 1142 that keeps having issues with DotRadio0 going to a reset state. If I reload it seems to function for awhile and then it happens again shortly there after. Apr 17 18:08:24.619: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio0, change...

Josh Evans by Beginner
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WISM-2 RX Multicast Queue Full

We are running a WISM-2 controller with software release (which unfortunately i cannot upgrade right now). There are 290 Access Points connected to the controller with up to670 current clients.Almost every weekday for the last two weeks (du...

Chois c'un routeur Cisco Aironet

                   Bonjour,Je souhaite choisir un routeur Aironet Autonome (AP) dans un 1er temps mais qui puisse travailler par la suite avec un Contrôleur ( conversion LAP ). Quels modèles de routeur puis-je choisir ?En vous remerciant de votre rép...

Resolved! 1262N Autonomous AP Configuration

Hi,We have a couple of autonomous 1262's that I'd like to get configured.  I would like to put the Ethernet interface out on our Internet subnet and have theclients get a RFC 1918 address from the radio's.  Our little Linksys is setup this way and th...

Cisco EAP FAST - without PACs

My group is implementing EAP FAST without PACs.  (We are using PKI)I am trying to document the details of this setup.I know that EAP-FAST can be used without PAC files, falling back to normal TLS.What I cannot find is a good discussion of the EAP FAS...

guest wireless security

My client concerns about the guest WLAN security, and the client would like the guest WLAN only access to the Internet and not its other vlans, specailly the server vlans. Could any one kindly provide the steps/methods to follow? BTW, the client uses...

zli by Beginner
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5760 WLC Features

The release notes for the new 5760 WLC mention that "profiling and on boarding" are not yet supported.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/controller/3.2_0_se/release_notes/OL28115_3_2_se_rn.htmlDoes this mean that when using ISE with Guest Serve...

How monitor any change of a WLAN in WLC 5508?

Hi everyone,I'm trying to monitor any change of a WLAN such as create, delete or modify. But, the System Message Guide doesn't have any message related to this topic when I turn syslog on.Do you know if there's any configuration or additional softwar...

WCS to Prime

If I buy a migration from WCS to Prime using the part code below, is it possible to install it as a new deployment or will i have to use a migration tool?ThanksSKUDescriptionQuantityUnit List PriceLine TotalR-W-PI12-M-K9WCS 7.0 to Cisco Prime Infrast...

gmckay2e2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Bridge mode not supported for lap1261N

Hello,I have a WLC2504 and 2 LAP1261N (converted from autonomous to lightweight) with release and I want to create a point-to-point mesh link between the 2 APs. When trying to change the APs mode from local to bridge I receive the message "...

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