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Hi,I have a wlc2106 with 3 LAP1042 for my internal users. I authenticate them through a ms radius with 801.x. This works good.I have for testing created a guest wlan using webauth and this works. I want my guest wlan to be located on my DMZ ( asa5510...

Hi,I need to use one WLC and need to have use APs on each of 8 floors. we don't want to span vlans on each floor. so we do this with WLC. how to config it without spanning the vlan to AP and to WLC. sorry, i'm new to this area.

gavin han by Level 1
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Happy New Year everyone.Just added some 1141n APs to our already running wireless infrastructure of all 1142n APs and on the WCS, I can see that the 1141s haven't got  802.11a interfaces unlike the 1142s. Is this a feature of the hardware? Has it bee...

I have purchased several AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 but had no POE switches so I needed power injectors; we ended up purchasing AIR-PWRINJ-FIB without noticing that they were also media converters. Is there any converter I can use to convert back to copper...

Hi everyoneI want to confirm the possibility of using the AIR-ANT2506 2.4Ghz bridge antenna on the AIR-LAP1242-EK9-10 Access Point in AP mode Also the possibility of clients such as mobile laptops associating with this antenna, even at it's farthest ...

rahman001 by Level 1
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Resolved! IP addressing

we are going to install 20 AP with 2 WC.the company that will install the devices said: it is a best practice to choose the management IPs of the AP in one subnet and the management IPs of the controllers in another subnet.is this true? any explanati...

ohassairi by Level 5
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Hello There,Just wondering which one is better, Whether wcs on a Windows server or on Linux. If so, Is there an Linux appliance for WCS? What are the pros and cons between the two?

K D by Level 1
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hi! I configured NTP,snmp,timezone in both of my WLC controller + WCS. It worked fine in the wlc n wcs, but this config is not propagated to the lightweight APs. when i do a show run, this config is not shown in the APs. So far only the login account...

dkblee by Level 1
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Hi,I am going o create a wireless hot-spot in a small compagny. My plan is to connect a Linksys wireless-N router to the DMZ port of the RVL200 router.It is intended that users on the wireless network should use the VPN on RVL200 to gain access to th...

sc by Level 1
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Hi,In the past two weeks I have seen most of our 1020s drop off the Controller and then join again. They are sometimes down for several minutes. Each 1020 has gone down only once and then it stays up but, it seems really strange to me that they are d...

As recently new office from end-Sept, we have found that the radio interface reset very frequently which has been  happening about over 15 times within 8 weeks for one AP on average. Some of  those (3 AP so far) got the radio interface down eventuall...

Bell Kun by Level 1
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I read in a past discussion that there might be some power issues when powering LAP 1142 having a long CAT5e cable length between the unit and the switch which uses only PoE (not PoE+).  Is this true?  If yes,  what is the maximum cable length beyond...

bugmike25 by Level 1
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