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Occasionally I work from home and would like to be able to log in as an Agent and take Help Desk calls while there. Is this possible? Is there a way to just forward my ICD extension to my home or cell number? Thanks!

tarkinkl1 by Level 1
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CM 3.3.3(sr4a), CAD 6.0I have three CMs in a cluster in a separate vlan.I added another CM to be used as an IPCC Lab CM/IVR server.The Cluster is not "aware" of the Lab CM, and the Lab is not aware of the Cluster.I am trying to program a 7940 set usi...

k6lw by Level 4
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we are using ICM 5.0 SR7 and CM 3.3(3) and IVR 3.1(2). I am trying to test the IPCC environment internally from an IP Phone.Ii have configured a CTI Route Point with DN 2900 for the Call Center main menu script. and i have associated this DN with an ...

I have a call center in MS and multiple agents across the united states. I do set the correct time zones based off the agents locations. Right now the time zone is set to my servers time zone.

Does anyone know whether network card teaming is supported on IPIVR servers? I've found the following link that suggests that it's supported on CallManagers but can't find anything similar for IPIVR's

Hi There,I hope someone can help. I get a lot of abandoned calls on my Call Centre and would like to find out if there is a way that I can establish whether it is the caller that is dropping the call or the agent that is bouncing it.

j.leroux by Level 1
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Hi,1) When i click on the dial button, i get an error with the usual "Send Error Report" to Microsoft. In the event viewer application log, i have "Faulting application ctiossoftphone.exe, version, faulting module gridcontrol.dll, version 1.0...

Hello.Is there anyone who know if AW Client installed on Windows XP desktop is supported by Cisco? I have looked into ccu50bom & ccu60bom. It only say's Windows 2000 w. Sp3 or Sp4. One of my Cisco AS contacts told me that Windows XP is supported, but...

slavr by Level 4
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Hi,When using SQL gateway and DBLookup, the query on the database search only on KEY column at the specific table.can i query the table but with other information? If yes, how i do this search.Example: in Table 1 Column1 - DN (key) Column2 ...

Hi,I need help for the Dialer_Half_Hour Report of ICM Monitor. I need to know exactly for each field of the report which type of calls include(busy, voice, etc., and what type of calls are not classificated by the report.thanks, Roberto

Roberto82 by Level 1
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I would like to know if in old versions of IVR (2.2.x) there is any limitation on queueing ports that can be created.In versions 3.1 and 3.5, as far as I know, you purchase IVR ports and this value appears in configuration (Subsystems - Cisco Media -...