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I have been asked to have a view within Finesse that will show the total of a group. For instance: Group Helpdesk ContainsCSQ A = 4 calls in queueCSQ B = 3 calls in queueCSQ C = 6 calls in queueHelpdesk Calls in Queue = 13 Group MarketingCSQ D = 2CSQ...

Hi, I'm trying to add call history gadget to finesse but it failed to display the detail and only showing the table headers. IT is told that it is because jQuery didn't load. what may be the cause of this issue My IE isn't in compatibility mode and...

Hi all,I use UCCE 11 and IVR.I set option 1 and 2 for CED, but CED is failed. It can't select option 1 or 2. It doesn't work. It goes to "END"Some one can help me?Thank you very much !Here is a png of CED