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Hello AllI am having a web service running in an external Server which is supposed to feed data to ICM.Is it possible to invoke the webservice from App gateway using a "http request" instead of providing the usual IP Addresses.Any reference materials...

Dear all,I wrote a cript that plays a audio file ( .wav). That file is in correct audio format ( 64kbps, 8bit, 1 mono, 8kHz, CCITT u-law).As you can see in script, all test calls from PSTN after jumping to Run Ext. Script  are going to End node ( num...

t. prophet by Beginner
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Will there be data lost between versions if I decided to switch version (reboot to inactive partition) later? I got UCCX on 8.0 now and installed 8.5 on the inactive partition but due to scheduling constraints, we're holding off on rebooting to the n...

SAN J by Explorer
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In the script I want to check to see if a .txt file exists in the repository.For XML files I see you can catch an exception off the GetXML step - the first time I'm using the document holding the .txt file is converting it to a string, which throws a...

rduclos01 by Beginner
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When a customer dials 888-343-FOOD that goes to a DID 506-343-FOOD, how does that translate or point to a trigger to call an application in UCCX?  Don't scream Cisco community but in Avaya everything points to something, eg VDN (a direct dial number)...

Hello, I am working on a new scipt and attempting to queue calls to a skill group, however they are failing the queue to skill group node. In the CVP logs I see an invitation rejected message with 404 not found. Would this be caused by a missing rout...

Within the CAD documentation, there is reference to being able to enable CAD to receive IPC Events over UDP (ref: "Remote Access" within CAD user guide.Two of the actions that can be sent to CAD via XML are the "Make Call" action and the "Set Variabl...

malhaque by Cisco Employee
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