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How call server service(ICM,SIP,IVR) are intercommunicating. i was gone through comprehensive call flow, when call hits on CVP with help of SIP service and communicate with ICM using ICM service.HOw ICM and SIP service are communicating.

Platform is IPCC 7.0 Enterprise.Steps I am executing:a) Launch CTI testb) config /hostA roggera /portA 42027 /hostB roggerb /portB 42028c) opend) agent_login <ID> <Password> /periph 1000 /instrument <instrument id>After I issue command (d...

                   Hi Guys,How can i get an example of UCCX scripts for half day? I figured holidays but not an half day. I'm a beginner of CCX 8.5 script. Thanks, SP

Sung Paek by Level 1
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Hi,I am new to using UCCX and am currently having issues performing a scheduled or immediate backup.  I am VPN'd into the clients network and have connectivity between the IPCC server and the destination of the folder on another server in which I wan...

Hi all, I'm sure it's been posted a few times but I just can't get my head around this holiday script. I can understand what it's supposed to do and I'm sure it's not much that needs doing but I'm getting the following attached errors. I have attache...

does cisco support tmg ...... i have tmg 2010 with win 2008 64bit ... how can i configer me network with Vpn support ..... i need complete info about it ...---Posted by WebUser Faraz Rizvi from Cisco Support Community App