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One of our customers has a feature, where a caller (our customer's customer) is asked to enter his/her social security number before being sent on to the call takers.Is that something we should be able to find in the XMPP events Finesse sends out or ...

i, I have a script for out-of-hours work schedule, so the call is forward to the specific Field Engineer depending on the day.I'm using xml files in the document option in the UCCX.But, because, there are a lot of changes between the FEs, I have to c...

clemente by Beginner
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 I'm creating a custom gadget to open a browser tab like a screen pop, but I don't want it to open for internal numbers (4 digits) which you can't do with a workflow screenpop.  The problem is callVariable1 is not populated in the call variables retu...

RadDev01 by Beginner
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'm listening to the Dialog XMPP events, but don't seem to get any messages for mute/unmute. I get for everything else (for instance hold/retrieve). Is that correct? I notice, that the DialogState enum has PAUSED listed under non-voice (that was the c...

Hi Denise, In continuation of our chat on ExternalRestApiSampleGadget.I see authorization: _util.getAuthHeaderString(finesse.gadget.Config) - that reads the authorization from finesse.gadget.ConfigMy questions :1) Where does these authorization beare...

Hi, We are develeoping our IVR application on Call Studio 10.5(based on Eclipse 3.7.2), CVP 10.5. Call Studio 10.5. We want to use Git (Egit for Eclipse) for versioning our codes.  Is there a Git support on Call Studio or is there anyone using Git wi...

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