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Hi Guys, We have CUE running 7.0. Some of the phones have MWI on on their phones but there are no messages in their mailbox. I have checked via cli on CUE and can confirm there was no new messages for the phones which have MWI on. I have dialed the...

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has been able to activate CUBE services on a CSR 1000V router? I have it installed on a ESXi 5.5 and acitvated a demo 60-day licence for an AX services. In the Cisco documentations, it says I just need to type in "voic...

Actualice el  cluster de callmanager versión 8.6.2 ya que no aparecía el modelo 78XX se actualizaron todos los servidores y se resetearon. Aparecio el modelo pero el Phone template del 7821 no despliega nada solo el de los 7841 y 7861. Que puede ser?...