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Cisco Voip for SIP line

Can anyone please share their experience with Cisco voip for Sip line.   Need to provide the Cisco Voip solution for 3 location  Main office – 152 ConnectionsSite Office 1 – 128 Connections Site Office 2 – 70 Connections.  SIP Line from service provi...

adeebtaqui by Enthusiast
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BE6000 and SIP trunk

Hello!Now we use Cisco IP telephony based on Cisco CME. Cisco CME is installed on 2821 router with IOS C2800NM-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M, Version 12.4(24)T7. A SIP trunk is configured between CME router and telephony provider.We plan to upgrade our telephone...

Resolved! SNR Caller ID Issue

Hi I have setup SNR for few user as business requirements and everything works fine except one particular issue - when remote destination called internal DN, the caller ID shows mobile number instead of internal DN. Internal DN 1 with mobile SNR numb...

fei he by Explorer
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MTP / transcoder Query

Hi Experts, I have a Cisco 3825 VG and configured with MTP and transcoder. dspfarm profile 10 mtp codec g711ulaw maximum sessions hardware 188 maximum sessions software 12 associate application SCCP dspfarm profile 40 transcode codec g711ulaw codec ...

S N by Beginner
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make a personal password for 8945 &7821 IP phone/ buy another (25) 7821 IP phone with EULA

HELLO MY FRIEND my boss want to screen lock to 8945&7821 IP phone,for Example I want to make a call form any phone  in our  company i can not dial any number before i inter a personal password to unlock the phone and dial , I want to buy (25) 7821 I...

Resolved! Confirgure cisco 7821 phone on CME

Hello All, I have bought Cisco 7821 phones and unable to get them registered with CME 7.1, and have found that the current IOS does not these phones. Please find the show version output below and recommend a suitable IOS. A quick reply will be a grea...

Syed by Participant
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How to Play PCM capture.

Hello I have captured pcm from my voice gateway and want to play the file on my computer to hear the quality of the call. What program will allow me to play the pcm capture and look at the wav form, I have been trying to use audacity but have no luck...

sktlwaltt1 by Beginner
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