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Dial plan recommendation

Hello, I have:1.  A single CUCM 8.6 cluster2. Several offices in North America3. Two PRI gateways (MGCP) locating in different cities For providing redundancy between gateways I want to implement globalization/localization. My concern is about :1. If...

anchichov by Beginner
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CUC - Automatic caller input

Hello, We are running CUC  We have two servers.  What is being noticed is, when user attempts to access voicemail through IP phone, it appears as though unity is entering the caller input.  Users have reported messages being deleted, ...

Ayaz Khan by Beginner
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Resolved! Finding old or unused phones that haven't registered in more XX days? How?

Hi.   I've seen discussions on (via a search) for various ways to find unregistered devices and more importantly, the last date they registered) so you know if a (for example) IP Communicator client has been active and therefore a valid device to lea...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! one way audio

Greetings from New York.we operate a SIP switch and a remote gateway using dedicated satellite link. the network worked perfectly with crystal clear voice quality.a week ago and without doing any changes, just of a sudden, the user couldn't hear ring...

Resolved! SRST Question.

hi all, I have a GW configured with srst I have to migrate this GW to a different location, but in this new location, the Internet access will not be enabled yet, my question is, when I connect all connected, will this phone go to srst mode? or I hav...

VOIP directory number

Hello, my institution has callmanager 8. The problem is main business number is giving a busy signal when dialed. All other extensions are working fine. This started happening after a power outage. I am not very strong on troubleshooting the phone sy...

Music On Hold

Hi there,I´ve a CUCM 10.5 and two gateway H323 working for different location. When the call in for GW1 from PSTN and user put caller on hold the music play ok.But when the call in from PSTN GW2 and user put caller on hold, they just listen tone on h...

ggl277808 by Beginner
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